300$ Bike investments, Thirfted Furniture & 700 Trips to Walmart later--

300$ Bike investments, Thirfted Furniture & 700 Trips to Walmart later--

"They said it would be easy, they said it would be fun." -- 

Hopped off the plane at San Diego Airport relieved to finally be here, stoked for the adventure that was about to unfold. Slugging three 50lbs bags each across multiple sidewalks and over pass bridges, sweating buckets, we snagged our rental car and drove north up the 101. I had made it. I felt summer finally beginning as I saw the ocean out my driver side window and knew immediately–despite other people's doubts–I had made the best decision in my life.

I honestly thought it would be a lot more glamorous, moving across the country that is. I won't lie when I say it's been quite short of the expected golden California dream I've had cooking in my mind since my first trip out here at age 7.  I've watched my bank account dwindle over the past five days as fast as the gas in our rented shiny bright red Hyundai Accent as we drove to various "craigslist free" addresses in hopes of striking gold or finding at least a sturdy nightstand. Aside from popular opinion, we've found craigslist to be sharkier than the waters of the Red Triangle and that gourmet tacos are actually the worst tacos. Walking into an apartment that literally only has carpet and walls is absolutely horrifying, buying mattresses from Bob off the side of the highway is always a good idea and sadly traffic in California is just as legitimate as traffic in DC. 

I now kind of ("ok, not really but I can see where they are coming from now") understand why people don't just up and move 2,738 miles across the country. However, after realizing how extremely difficult this feat I decided to embark on was and how terribly I underestimated it (and how heavy furniture is to carry a simple mile down the road due to the consequences of saving money on the car rental and opting for the economy size car), I still stand by my decision one hundred percent. Two new 300$ bikes, and allotment of thrifted furniture and 700 trips to Walmart later, it's all basically done. Our unfurnished apartment isn't too shabby and the old ladies down at AL Thrift might be making us dinner tomorrow night. All is well on the homefront. 

Here's to the numerous stories already, cheers to the start of the madness and bless the CVS lady who asked us where Maryland is. 

Wish you were here,