The Break

We always say that The Break is the most crucial and time sensitive part of the summer. It falls somewhere between the 22th of June and the 10th of July. This timeframe has proven itself, year after year, to be the most sudden switch, recognizable tipping point, the true 180 of the season that is Summer. We still don’t know why these days are so crucial. Perhaps its the sheer thought that you’ve let half of the summer slip away already and have left nothing to account for. Maybe the magic of the fourth of July with its excitement, parties, red, white and blue, God bless America and Budweiser. Maybe because we are finally getting tan, the sun is out the majority of the time, the days are longer and we start getting time off work to enjoy it…or maybe its because you got a car.

I used to love biking. You could call it my favorite past time, my favorite activity, I’m actually notoriously known for "drinking coffee and riding a bike”. If there is a bike, I will be riding it. 

So, we’ve been riding bikes for about 6 weeks now. And we have been riding them everywhere. No milk for your cereal? Bike that mile to the store carrying back milk jugs on your handle bars while simultaneously balancing up cliffs trying not to get slaughtered by the oncoming traffic. Wanna see sunset? Bike down and over the mountain, and enjoy…but leave early enough so that you can see down the cliff on your way home. Never trust the street lights or the bushes we've been told. No one told us California was so... “hilly”.  

Our summer broke when we were adding up the cost of traveling around for the day on the Fourth of July. It was unreal how much we would be spending on the public transportation. And how nasty it would be. Walking along we added up how much we could sell our “barely used” bikes for and TA-DA…like magic, booked a rental car for the next month. 

The Break. Finally. Thank goodness you’re here, we’ve missed you.