20 hours in the Big Apple

20 hours in the Big Apple

We’ve been doing a lot—as always.


We’ve been doing an awful lot. 

Not a moments rest, we’ve been hopping to different countries, city’s or end of our own neighborhood for a few weekends now. We’ve roamed London markets, sat atop The Shard, celebrated a 23rd revolution around the sun, cheered our hearts out in DC and now we are off to midtown. 

I’m currently sitting 2 hours in on a 4 hour train ride up to the big Apple. I’ve taken a solid break from the Amtrak city trips since job denials and short selling salary calls a few months back. And I️ must look like the worlds biggest b*tch (or luckiest) as as not a soul has tried to sit next to me on this seemingly overbooked train. Nevertheless, stoked to be here. 

I'm exhausted and excited. It’s 38 degrees and I’m a 3/4 a bottle of wine in—I️ can’t help but wonder what kind of mayhem the next 24 hours holds for me and my two closest friends. 


See you on the other side of tomorrow. Xo.