Noteable Design


South Moon Under - March LookBook

A quarterly collaboration with SMU team of buyers, marketers and creatives -- working as lead print designer at South Moon Under. Introducing our Spring Line in the form of a 36 page publication and shop-able digital output.

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Catalyst - Lifestyle Publication

Passion project, turned Senior Thesis with the help of a few adventurous friends. Catalyst is a lifestyle publication in which I was able to study individual personality and the heart of the adventurer; I have told their stories and shared their passions through design. I complied these people and their experiences into a 200+ page publication experimenting with various types and styles of designs to create one thrilling piece of art as creative as the people who have inspired it. Enjoy. 

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Other work

As a graduated design student, I've accumulated a lot of different styles of work and design ethics. From logos to branding, hand lettering to watercolor this portfolio showcases some of my favorite works from school, internships, freelance and career oppertunities.